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    BEN by SONG是一个成立于上海的本土原创配饰品牌,之所以取名为“本”是来源于设计师儿时母亲的一句话:“做人不能忘本!”言语虽简单质朴,却道出了做人最基本的原则:一个人无论今后取得多大的成就,站在多高的位置上,都不应该忘记他内心深处最本真最原始的那一部分。对于设计而言用最原始最纯粹最没有功利心的态度去做设计,这样的设计才能够让人从心底产生共鸣,同时也是BEN by SONG产品的设计原点。
    BEN by SONG的产品以皮具为主,所追求的是简洁而不简单的减法式设计,摒弃一些琐碎繁复的细节, 所有的细节力求纯粹且富有直指人心的力量感,只为任何特立独行,具有独立审美,追随真实内心感受的人而设计。

    About BEN by SONG
    BEN by SONG is an independent accessory brand originated from Shanghai. The name BEN means "the origin" in Chinese, coming from what the designer's mother said in his childhood: "Never forget who you are." The simple phrase tells the principle of being: one should not forget the most original and primeval part of his heart, no matter how accomplished he is. Only the designs created with the purest and most nonprofit-driven attitude would appeal to people, and this is what all the products of BEN by SONG are based on.
    Products of BEN by SONG are mainly leather goods. They are created via subtractive process, concise yet not simple. All the details seek for purity and soul-striking strength. They are designed for those who have unique aesthetic point of view and always follow their hearts.